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Rivulis Ro-Drip Tape

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Drip Tape - Ro-Drip - John Deere Water

  • Rivulis Ro-Drip tape
  • Rivulis Ro-Drip tape (in greenhouse)
  • Rivulis Ro-Drip tape (onion rows)
Rivulis Eurodrip
Product No. Diameter Wall Thickness Spacing Q-100 GPM
per 100' @ 8 PSI
GORD5051224-1255/8"5 mil12".40 gpm12 500'
GORD5061215-1005/8"6 mil12".25 gpm10 000'
GORD5080460-0755/8"8 mil4"1.00 gpm7 500'
GORD5080820-0755/8"8 mil8".33 gpm7 500'
GORD5081215-0755/8"8 mil12 ''.25 gpm7 500'
GORD5101224-0605/8"10 mil12".40 gpm6 000'
GORD5150824-0405/8"15 mil8".40 gpm4 000'
GORD5151224-0405/8"15 mil12".40 gpm4 000'

RO-DRIP® provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for all your sub-surface and above ground drip irrigation needs. RO-DRIP is specifically engineered to deliver uniform flow rates while addressing the most difficult maintenance issue faced by drip growers today: blockage during high contaminant conditions.

Our patented RO-DRIP design employs two independent antiplugging systems: Vortex Flow Action, which resists clogs by keeping particulate in suspension; and our exclusive Expanding Flow Channel, which reacts to blockages by actually changing shape, often purging even the toughest particulate build-up. Additionally, our patented manufacturing process creates a precision-molded flow channel with a large cross section, which can pass larger particulate and deliver the uniform flow rates you demand

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