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Relief valve

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Relief valve

Product No. Size Factory pre-set Range psi
IV RVHD05½’’ MPT x ½’’ FPT75 psi10 to 150 psi
IV RVHD07¾’’ MPT x ¾’’ FPT 75 psi10 to 100 psi
IV RVHD101" MPT x 1’’ FPT75 psi50 to 200 psi
IV RVHD121 ¼’’ MPT x 1 ¼’’ FPT 65 psi50 to 100 psi
IV RVHD202’’ MPT x 2’’ FPT65 psi60 to 100 psi

The relief valve prevents excess pressures. For instance, it is used in pump-equipped irrigation systems. It prevents breaks by removing the water inside the high pressure-submitted pump due to a rise in heat. A pressure spring maintains the valve closed and only opens it when needed, i.e. when pressure exceeds set level.


Further information

  • Accuracy ± 15% of factory preset PSI
  • Not suitable for water heaters
  • If an outlet pipe is used, its diameter must be equal to or greater than that of the relief valve outlet
  • Use only with cold water
  •  Max. temperature: 60 °C (140 °F)



  • Heavy duty cast brass body
  • Stainless steel spring

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