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Raphael Plastic Valves

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Item # IV CP-030-50-000

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Raphael Plastic Valves

Jain Irrigation
Product No. Description Size Weight
IV CP-030-50-000Plastic Valve- Basic3''3.1 lb
IV CP-030-50-050Plastic Valve - Hydraulic remote control3''9.9 lb

Raphael plastic valves are recommended for irrigation and turf applications. Entirely manufactured from durable plastic materials, with a state-of-the-art patented diaphragm. These plastic valves offer the best corrosion resistance available in plastic technology with the streamlined hydrualic performance of metal valves. Raphael valves operate with the patented reinforced diaphragm, which eliminates the need for a metal spring. The special elastic design enables gradual and precise opening and closing of the valve, ideal for regulating purposes. By eliminating the metal spring, the plastic valve is virtually maintenance free.


Product Features

  • Glass reinforced Nylon body and cover
  • Stream lined flow with minimum head loss
  • Simple and reliable 3 parts valve, featuring body, cover and unique patented diaphragm
  • Uniform pressure distribution on sealing area
  • Prevents diaphragm deformation and ensure maintenance free performance
  • Smoothly operates in wide range of pressure and flow, prevents noise vibrations
  • Very low opening and drip tight closing line pressure

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