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Raphael Cast Iron Valves

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Raphael Cast Iron Valve

Jain Irrigation

Raphael Valves are used for general water supply and irrigation. The valves are made of three parts each of which is made with durable materials. This provides quite flow in both directions, low head-loss and minimal wear.Valves operate with patented, reinforced diaphragm and spring combination which eliminates the need for the old fashioned metal spring. The special elastic design enables gradual and precise opening or closing of the valve.By eliminating the antiquated metal spring, the Raphael valve is virtually maintenance free.



  • Designed for high flow and low pressure loss
  • Body and cover are cast iron Rilsan coated
  • Patented reinforced diaphragm/spring combination
  • Easy maintenance
  • Valve functions can easily be changed with simple pilot circuit modifications


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