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Rain-Flo Model #1800 Plastic Mulch Lifter

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Item # MACHALL1800

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Rain-Flo Plastic Mulch Lifter 1800 Challenger

Product No. Rental
MACHALLEN1800Rent possible only in Ontario and Quebec (See Detail)
MACHALL1800STDRent possible only in Ontario and Quebec (See Detail)

After your vegetable crop is over, the Rain-Flo Challenger plasticulture equipment is designed to retrieve the plastic mulch to the surface of the ground.

When discs come into contact with rocks in the soil, the automatic mulch lifter (i.e. a double assist spring) is released and makes discs go over the obstacle, thus avoiding damage to the equipment. 


  • Will lift plastic mulch film from 36’’ to 60’’ wide with fast and easy adjustments
  • Lifting plows use Standard Case International 18’’ right and left hand ‘’Deep-suck’’ shears
  • To keep from clogging, machine has three spring loaded trash and vine cutting disks
  • Has depth control wheels for constant depth control
  • Heavy shanks have 5/8’’ safety shear bolts. Auto-reset is optional

Customer Reviews

Good value for money. Review by Mulchy-McMulchy
General appreciation
We have rented this for the past several seasons. Compared to pulling up plastic mulch by hand this too and others like it are indispensable. I recommend mowing down what ever crop that was in plastic a few days prior to using this. It will clog up with organic matter.

Pulls up mulch relatively easily.
Easily adjustable

You have to then have lots of hands to go back and pick up all of the pieces to discard. Occasionally the lifter gets clogged with organic matter of crops. (Posted on 17-01-19)

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General appreciation