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Rain Bird 180˚ Edge Guard deflector for LF Series Sprinklers

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180˚ Edge Guard deflector

  • 180˚ Edge Guard deflector
  • 180˚ Edge Guard deflector installation
  • 180˚ Edge Guard deflector with the LF sprinkler
Rainbird Irrigation

The Rain Bird 180˚ Edge Guard deflector for LF Series Sprinklers provides you with the ability to keep water out of unwanted areas. Whether it is a road, a walkway, or just the end of the field, the Edge Guard takes the water from the sprinkler stream and redirects it back into the desired area.

The Edge Guard is specially designed to optimize water throw back across varying flows, pressures and trajectories. With its unique two-position design, you can choose the best position to optimize the water throw back distance.

The Edge Guard is manufactured from sleek, UV resistant, black acetal material.

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