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PVC pipe schedule 40

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Item # II PVC40-05-Config

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Grey PVC schedule 40

  • Grey PVC schedule 40
  • Grey PVC schedule 40
Product No. Color Type Diameter Lenght Max. Pressure at 73°F/ 23°C
II PVC40-05White Slip1/2"10'600 PSI
II PVC40-07White Slip3/4"10'480 PSI
II PVC40-10White Slip1"10'450 PSI
II PVC40-12White Slip1.25"10'370 PSI
II PVC40-15White Slip1.5"10'330 PSI
II PVC40-20White Slip2" 10'280 PSI
II PVC40-25White Slip2.5" 10'300 PSI
II PVC40-30White Slip3"10'260 PSI
II PVC40-40White Slip4"10'220 PSI
II PVC40-60White Slip6"10'180 PSI
II PVC40G-05GreySlip1/2" 10'600 PSI
II PVC40G-07GreySlip3/4"10'480 PSI
II PVC40G-10GreySlip1"10'450 PSI
II PVC40G-15GreySlip1.5"10'330 PSI
II PVC40G-20GreySlip2" 10'280 PSI
II PVC40G-30GreySlip3"10'260 PSI
II PVC40G-40GreySlip4"20'220 PSI
II PVC40G-60GreySlip6" 20'180 PSI
II PVC40G-100GreySlip10"20'370 PSI

Irrigation PVC pipe with glue


  • Corrosion and Chemical Resistance 
  • Lower thermal expansion rate than many polymers 
  • Easy to handle and faster to install 
  • Superior Flow Capacity 
  • Low Thermal Conductivity

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