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Proteknet Windbreak Netting

Proteknet Windbreak Netting

  • Proteknet Windbreak Netting
  • Windbreak Netting Sample
Product No. Dimension (Meter) Dimension (Feet)
BVTK1,83X1001,83 m x 100 m72" x 328'

Proteknet artificial windbreak nettings were created to protect crops against wind that may cause important damages.


  • Black High Density Polyethylene Net
  • 60% Light Transmission
  • 50% Porosity
  • U.V. Treated
  • Protects 5 to 20 times the height of the windbreak 

Artificial Windbreak Example

Mineral Soil Recommendations

  1. a) Insert the 2 X 4 post 2' deep into the soil
    b) or use cedar posts
  2. Lay the winbreak net
  3. Nail 1/4" X 2" wooden strips with two headed nails
  4. Protects from 5 to 20 times the height of the windbreak

Ex: If the windbreak is 6' high, it will protect from 30' to 120'. In general, it is suggested to put each windbreak at the distance of 70' to 80'.


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