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Proteknet Green Bird Control Netting - 40 gr

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Proteknet Green Bird Control Netting - 40gr

  • Proteknet Green Bird Control Netting - 40gr
  • Proteknet Green Bird Control Netting - 40gr - Sample
Proteknet Bird Netting
Product No. Size Weight Packaging
FIOIVEGEN2,5X152,5m x 15m
8,2' x 49'
4,15 lb
1,88 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN2,5X302,5m x 30m
8,2' x 98'
7,05 lb
3,2 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN2,5X1002,5m x 100m
8,2' x 328'
24,91 lb
11,3 kg
Green bag
16,4' x 16,4'
2,85 lb
1,29 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN5X155m x 15m
16,4' x 49'
8 lb
3,63 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN5X305m x 30m
16,4' x 98'
14,33 lb
6,5 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN5X1005m x 100m
16,4' x 328'
51,37 lb
23,3 kg
Green bag
FIOIVEGEN10X1010m x 10m
32,8' x 32,8'
10,65 lb
4,83 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN10X1510m x 15m
32,8' x 49'
15 lb
6,8 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN10X3010m x 30m
32,8' x 98'
29,76 lb
13,5 kg
Clear palstic bag
FIOIVEGEN10X10010m x 100m
32,8' x 328'
87,08 lb
39,5 kg
Green bag

The ProtekNet green high density polyethylene bird control net 40gr is the most effective bird control netting for a crop protection on the market. This net once fixed to a structure allows you to work underneath. The netting can also be install directly on the plants thus being more esthetic.


*Lifespan is approximate and conditional on storage, climate and handling conditions.


  • Green High Density Polyethylene Net
  • Weight: 40gr / m ²
  • U.V. Treated
  • 3/4'' Diamond Pattern
  • 2'' White strip in the middle of roll
  • Lifespan: 5 years

Customer Reviews

Great product Review by GC
General appreciation
Received the net within two days of ordering. Thank you. Quality better than I had expected. Easy to spread over my grapes and up to now seems to have kept both birds and squirrels out. (Posted on 17-09-08)
Excellent Review by FairFarm
General appreciation
Good value fore the money, would be nice if they would make longer sizes.. 60 feet (Posted on 17-09-07)
No leaves in our fish pond. Review by Dano
General appreciation
The large maple tree over our fish pond was a menace in the fall.
The net was delivered quickly and put to use immediately. Our fish are safe. (Posted on 16-11-15)
Fantastic soft net Review by Marie-Hélène
General appreciation
I bought it for my climbing grape vine and was easy to install. There was a lot left so I easily cut it and put it around my 5 big pots of tomatoes. Fabulous !
The chipmunks, the squirrels and the birds will not have my fruits this year.
A good product, easy to handle, using wood and bamboo sticks ! A happy customer... (Posted on 16-06-30)
Love the netting Review by Tom
General appreciation
Have been looking for netting for my blueberries for some time. Have had the black netting which was thin and not really a workable size. This fit my area nicely. The netting is heavier and more substantial. More importantly no birds have gotten through to my crop.
(Posted on 16-06-24)
perfect Review by spence
General appreciation
ordered this netting online, received it within days. It unraveled easily with no tangles. Birds hate it because they cant have their treat anymore. They tried, even dive bombing , very strong net. Only up for a week but Im already thinking of expanding my raspberry patch. Its doing the job . (Posted on 14-07-16)

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