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Protection Tubes "Blue-X" / 100 units

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"Blue-X" Tube (Parts A & B)

  • "Blue-X" Tube (Parts A & B)
  • "Blue-X" Tube (Parts A & B)
  • "Blue-X" Tube on vines
Product No. Tube Lenght Tube Diameter # Units
FBLUEX2424" / 60,96 cm3,5" / 8,9 cm100
FBLUEX3030" / 76,2 cm3,5" / 8,9 cm100

What is Blue-X?

The Blue-X shelter enables your vines and trees to make full use of nature's blue light to increase stem diameter and accelerate growth. The Blue-X shelter consists of two parts that can be quickly assembled and installed.

In addition, the Blue-X shelter provides protection against vermin and significantly reduces the wind-induced dryout risk.


  • Increased humidity
  • Higher CO2 levels
  • Reduced drying and mechanical damage caused by wind
  • Reduction of harmful UV light
  • Beneficial blue light effect








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