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Propane Bird Scare Cannon Kit

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Propane Bird Scare Cannon

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MA PURIVOX KTJCBatteries Included

Crop protection against birds and other pests with Propane Bird Scare Cannon Control.

With this propane bird scare cannon control, you determine the time, the shot frequency, and the sound level. The timing intervals are randomized by the computer circuitry to make the firing sequences as unpredictable as possible in order to scare intruders.
Runs on propane and 2 regular style 6 volt batteries.

  • 3 Shots per cycle
  • Built-In Timer
  • Randomized Shot Frequency
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Electronic Circuitry
  • Rotating Unit

The kit includes :

  • Propane cannon (propane tank not included)
  • Flash pyramid
  • 6 volt alkaline battery

Customer Reviews

unsatisfied Review by Barry Dumas
General appreciation
The propane cannon arrived with a damaged
part and although I was advised that the part
would be ordered and sent to me I have not
received the replacement part to date.
It now has now been 1 month and I have heard
I am very disappointed with the service I have
received as I am using the cannon without the
part I was promised. (Posted on 17-06-25)

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