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Pressure Gauge with Glycerine

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Pressure Gauge with glycerine

  • Pressure Gauge with glycerine
  • Example of pressure gauge utilisation with Needle & Adapter
  • Needles & Adaptor for pressure gauge
Product No. Items Description Dimension
IE PG25-30-Gwith Glycerine0-30 PSI2-1/2"
IE PG25-60-Gwith Glycerine0-60 PSI2-1/2"
IE PG25-100-Gwith Glycerine0-100 PSI2-1/2"
IE PG25-160-Gwith Glycerine0-160 PSI2-1/2"
IE PG25-200-Gwith Glycerine0-200 PSI2-1/2"
IE LR01Plastic Pressure Check Port Adapter
IE LR01BBrass Pressure Check Port Adapter
IE LR02Needle for pressure check port
IE RB3-4101790° Needle for pressure check port

Often used in filtration systems, the pressure gauge gives you the pressure in the system:

Gauges filled with liquid provide effective damping of most pulsation and vibration, and provide lubrification of all moving parts: These gauges require no damping device. (Stainless Steel case with 1/4" MPT Brass stem)

Made of Stainless Steel

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