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Polyplanter Seeder

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Item # MAPOLY 1R 2H

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Polyplanter Seeder

Product No. # Row # Head Spacing
MAPOLY 1R 2HSingle240"
MAPOLY 1R 3H26Single326"
MAPOLY 1R 4HSingle420"
MAPOLY 1R 5HSingle516"
MAPOLY 1R 6HSingle613"
MAPOLY 1R 8HSingle810"
MAPOLY 1R 10HSingle1008"
MAPOLY 1R 12HSingle126,5"
MAPOLY 1R 15HSingle155,25"
MAPOLY 2R 2HDouble Units240"
MAPOLY 2R 3HDouble Units326"
MAPOLY 2R 4HDouble Units420"
MAPOLY 2R 5HDouble Units516"
MAPOLY 2R 6HDouble Units613"
MAPOLY 2R 8HDouble Units810"
MAPOLY 2R 10HDouble Units1008"
MAPOLY 2R12H 03Double Units126,25"
MAPOLY 2R 15HDouble Units155,25"

The POLYPLANTER Seeder is a precision planter for sowing small and large seeds through plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film. In a single operation, the Polyplanter lays the plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film, then cuts a hole, and finally drops one or several seeds into the hole.



  • The Monosem vacuum seed unit allows the polyplanter to precision-sow most uncoated seeds with very good accuracy
  • It separates seeds the size of pepper seeds on up to large ones such as lima beans
  • The hole is cut into the plastic mulch film or the Bio360 mulch film instead of being torn, thus leaving a much smaller flap
  • The seeds are planted in the middle of the hole for excellent seed placement
  • It can either be made to lay the mulch film and plant at the same time, or the mulch film can be laid ahead of time, then planted two or so weeks later
  • The Polyplanter can be assembled to plant through 3 rows of plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film at the same time
  • Cucumbers, cantaloupes, watermelons, squash and cole crops are all very successfully seeded by the Polyplanter.

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