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Polyethylene Silage tarp against weeds

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UV treated Polyethylene silage tarp against weeds

  • UV treated Polyethylene silage tarp against weeds
  • UV treated Polyethylene silage tarp against weeds
Product No. Dimension Thickness
TOBLBN2450524' X 50'5 mil
TOBLBN24100524' X 100'5 mil
TOATBN32100632' x 100'6 mil
TOBLBN3250532' X 50'5 mil
TOATBN3250532' X 50'5 mil
TOBLBN32100532' X 100'5 mil
TOATBN4050540' X 50'5 mil
TOATBN5050550' X 50'5 mil

The UV treated black on white polyethylene silage tarpaulin is a simple, effective way to avoid long hours eliminating weeds or using a rotary cultivator to plow the border strip.

Simply cover the plot for a three week period and let nature do the work. The lack of light kills the plants, which decompose into the soil, therefore adding natural compost. 

For best results, you can follow these tips based on the time you have :

  • If you plan to use your soil in a few weeks (or even a few months), you can prepare it in advance, and put the tarp on to prevent weeds to grow back.
  • If you have soil with a lot of weeds and want to kill them before preparing it, simply put the tarp on for a few weeks. You can then prepare the soil as needed.
  • Also, be sure to close the edges as tightly as possible to avoid air infiltration.

Once done, your soil is ready for a new planting. 

Customer Reviews

Light Review by James
General appreciation
Light, which makes it easier to tote around the farm, but doesn’t block all the light so it takes longer to deal with bigger weeds than the 6mil tarp. Can’t have your cake and eat it too! (Posted on 19-05-25)
Very good product Review by Wilma
General appreciation
Seems to do the job (Posted on 19-05-24)
Great Tool for weed suppression Review by HeartAcres
General appreciation
We love using the tarps for weed suppression in our operation. They definitely get easily torn from rodents in the garden. But great product still. (Posted on 19-04-22)
Great-but needs to be shipped Review by Aaron
General appreciation
The tarps work great but one of them was damaged in shipping which caused about 10-15 feet of it to split away 4 feet from the edge. If the ends were protected better this could be prevented. Perfect for solarizing weed seeds in prepping the garden. I will buy more. (Posted on 19-04-11)
Will do the job but not heavy duty material Review by Gardener
General appreciation
Blocks light well and will do the job, but not heavy duty and is easily punctured by roots or small rocks underneath. Pricey, given the durability issue. Bought 2 different sizes and both rolls damaged in transit resulting in several layers with cuts in them. Dubois staff were very helpful in answering questions and the ordering process. (Posted on 17-07-24)
Will do the job but not rugged. Review by Gardener
General appreciation
Very good blocking of light, but is easily punctured by any root tips or small rocks underneath. Plastic sleeve wrapping damaged during transit on both tarps I ordered, which was deep enough to cut through several layers of the tarps in places. Frustrating, given the cost. (Posted on 17-07-24)
Great value! Review by Les Jardins Mont-Valois
General appreciation
Fits my needs just right, bought several. Far superior than using woven tarps. (Posted on 17-07-10)
Tarps Review by James H
General appreciation
It does what a tarp is supposed to do (Posted on 17-05-28)
Great. Review by OO Berries
General appreciation
Put in on one week ago, looks like it is going to work great. Will probably buy more this fall, only wish I had found out about this sooner.
(Posted on 17-04-30)
Beats weeding Review by Indian Creek
General appreciation
Yayyyyyyyyy! (Posted on 16-10-15)
Excellent! Review by Oklahoma Farmer
General appreciation
HeAvy duty tarp that's not too heavy to work with. Works great killing weeds. Good service and good product (Posted on 16-10-13)
Thinner than expected… Review by Ale
General appreciation
It looks too thin to resist agricultural tasks, and consequently too expensive. (Posted on 16-10-13)
Works for what i needed Review by Craig
General appreciation
Quality product that seems to be working well. I use it on raised beds with cedar log sides, and it wraps over the sides without tearing. (Posted on 16-10-11)
Great product Review by Rosie
General appreciation
Arrived quickly. Thickness killed weeds in one month! (Posted on 16-09-01)
Probably a good buy Review by slimy
General appreciation
Shipping was delayed so I didn't really get a chance to use the tarp as intended, We'll determine the usefulness and quality as the season goes on. (Posted on 16-06-02)
Acceptable Review by Brad
General appreciation
Heavy tarps, but not very resistant to punctures/tears. As long as you handle them carefully they should last a few seasons. (Posted on 16-06-02)
Worth the money Review by Jeff
General appreciation
Good quality heavy tarps. (Posted on 16-06-02)
Wish I'd found it sooner Review by Bted
General appreciation
Great product. Arrived promptly and in good condition. (Posted on 16-05-20)

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