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Plasticulture Equipment Rental

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Plastic Mulch Film Equipment Rental

Plasticulture Equipments Rental for intalling plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film, transplanting plants on plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film and remove plastic mulch film.

Rent possible only in Ontario and Quebec (See Detail)

Machinery Model Details
Rain-Flo Raised-Bed 2600 Rolls of 36" to 60"
Rain-Flo Raised-Bed 2550 ART Rolls of 36" to 48"
Rain-Flo Layer (flat bed) 345 Series II Rolls of 36" to 60"
Layer (barrel) 8000 Rolls of 48" to 60"
Rain-Flo Transplanter** 1600 Series II Standard wheels included
Mechanical Transplanter. Low-Tunnel Layer # 93  
row cover layer-remover
Rain-Flo Plastic Mulch Lifter Challenger 1800 AR  
Strawberry Plant Setter    
Note: ** For Rain-Flo 1600 Transplanter, deduct $50, if customer doesn't need the wheels

Machinery Optional Equipments
Optional Equipments Description
Center of bed fillers  
Drip Tape Attachment Single or Double
Fertilizer Box On request
Rain-Flo Wheel**  
Strawberry Wheel for bare roots 12''
Note: ** The price of the Rain-Flo wheel will be proportional to its size

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