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Rain-Flo Model #345 Series II Flat Bed Mulch Layer

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Rain-Flo Model #345 Series II Flat Bed Mulch Layer

Rain Flo Mulch Film Equipment
Product No. Description Rental
MARF345FLATLAY.Model 345. Weight of machine: 790 lb
Three row machine flex hitch tool bar with row markers
Rent possible only in Ontario and Quebec
(See Detail)

Rain-Flo's flat bed mulch layer plasticulture equipment model 345 can lays 36’’, 48’’ or 60’’ wide plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film.

This mulch layer has an independent levelling blade that floats, and a bed press.  The specially designed levelling blade does an excellent job in levelling uneven soil, eliminating low spots in the beds that fill with water.

Trench openers are behind the bed press so the soil can move away to make the trench


  • Has an extra roll carrier
  • Has full open back for fast reloading
  • Big independent press wheels keep the plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film in the trench
  • 16’’ cover disks with high speed shields
  • This compact machine has a cat. # I 3-point hitch
  • Has adjustable row markers

Optional Equipment:

  • Drip tape irrigation attachment
Optional Equipment - Rain-Flo Model 345 Series II
Drip tape irrigation attachment, Roll carrier has adjustable brake
Deep wheels to lay clear plastic over sweet corn

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