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Perforated Row Covers

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Item # BAOR33X330

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Perforated Row Covers

Product No. Size (foot) Size (meter)
BAOR33X33033' x 330'10m x 100m
BAOR33X52533' x 525'10m x 160m
BAOR33X66033' x 660'10m x 200m
BAOR40X33040' x 330'12m x 100m
BAOR40X52540' x 525'12m x 160m
BAOR40X66045' x 660'14m x 200m
BAOR45X33045' x 330'14m x 100m
BAOR45X52545' x 525'14m x 160m
BAOR45X62045' x 620'14m x 190m
BAOR52X52552' x 525'16m x 160m

The perforated row cover is made of polyethylene to create a warmer microclimate during the day; but at night, temperature can decrease under the polyethylene. Offers a better yield compared to straw for strawberry crops.


  • Earlier yields : the microclimate under the row cover speeds up plant growth.
  • Quick installation and removal and possibility of being mechanically installed / removed with a Hiwer machine

The row cover is perforated:

  • To allow gas exchange for photosynthesis
  • To prevent overheating
  • 45 holes/ft² - 500 holes/m² and a thickness of  2.0 mil

For strawberries, potatoes, and sweet corn

The Perforated row cover is not recommended for other types of crops because it creates too warm a climate under itself that may burn the plants’ leaves.

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