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3/4" Part circle bronze sprinkler WR-35

Item # IJ WR-35
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3/4" Part circle bronze sprinkler WR-35

Wade Rain Aluminum Fittings
Product No. Flow rate Pressure Trajectory angles Radius Spacing Operating Range
IJ WR-355.5 to 11.44 GPM30 to 70 PSI25°42.6’ to 46’
(13 m to 14.2 m)
60’ x 60’
(18.3 x 18.3 m)
20° to 340°

This sprinkler, primarily used by growers, is designed for general use on aluminium pipe-equipped irrigation systems. It is generally placed at the beginning or end of a field, since you can adjust its degree of rotation depending on the area to irrigate. Its adjustable arm provides 20° to 340° rotation. Its main nozzle is at the front of the sprinkler. You can add a second nozzle at the front.



  • Trajectory : 25°
  • Size : ¾’’ MPT
  • Special function : Reversing/Part circle
  • Range of rotation : 20° - 340°
  • Radius : 13 – 14,2 meters
  • Flow range : 25 – 52 LPM
  • Weight : 1,36 lb



  • Made of bronze
  • Resistant to impacts/durable
  • Robust spring/heavy construction
  • Operate in part circle/full circle

Customer Reviews

quality sprinkler Review by langbeinite
General appreciation
product description doesn't indicate this, but mine came with threaded plugs in the lower nozzle ports and no main nozzles. So no need to buy plugs if that's what you want.

Part circle sprinklers are great for smaller farms because they allow you to irrigate right up to the edge of your field (but not beyond that). Plus, they still function great as full circle sprinklers when needed. (Posted on 16-06-25)

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