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Oval Hose

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Oval Hose / Feet

  • Oval Hose / Feet
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  • Drip tape fitting connected to Oval Hose
Toro Irrigation
Product No. Pressure Diameter Wall Thickness Coil Length
BO ELD02654-00542 psi1"0.054"50'
BO ELD02654-00642 psi1"0.054"60'
BO ELD02654-01042 psi1"0.054"100'
BO ELD02654-01542 psi1"0.054"150'
BO ELD02654-01642 psi1"0.054"160'
BO ELD02654-02042 psi1"0.054"200'
BO ELD02654-02542 psi1"0.054"250'
BO ELD02654-02642 psi1"0.054"260'
BO ELD02654-03042 psi1"0.054"300'
BO ELD02654-04042 psi1"0.054"400'
BO ELD02654-06642 psi1"0.054"660'
BO ELD04040-00521 psi1-1/2"0.040"50'
BO ELD04040-01021 psi1-1/2"0.040"100'
BO ELD04040-01521 psi1-1/2"0.040"150'
BO ELD04040-02021 psi1-1/2"0.040"200'
BO ELD04040-02521 psi1-1/2"0.040"250'
BO ELD04040-03021 psi1-1/2"0.040"300'
BO ELD04040-03521 psi1-1/2"0.040"350'
BO ELD04040-04021 psi1-1/2"0.040"400'
BO ELD04040-06021 psi1-1/2"0.040"600'
BO ELD05251-00521 psi2"0.051"50'
BO ELD05251-01021 psi2"0.051"100'
BO ELD05251-01521 psi2"0.051"150'
BO ELD05251-02021 psi2"0.051"200'
BO ELD05251-02521 psi2"0.051"250'
BO ELD05251-03021 psi2"0.051"300'
BO ELD05251-04521 psi2"0.051"450'
BO ELD07776-02021 psi3"0.076"200'
BO ELD1011-01321 psi4"0.100"130'

Blue Stripe Irrigation Oval Hose is manufactured from premium grade linear low density polyethylene resins, for tough dependable operation in the most demanding agriculture micro-irrigation agriculture applications. Oval hose can be used as lateral lines in permanent crop applications or as sub mains and mainlines in the larger diameter sizes for row crops. Its unique Oval configuration allows you to reduce storage space and shipping costs. Oval hose is also easier to handle than PVC Pipe sub mains and mainlines.


  • When Oval Hose is in place and pressurized it becomes round, just like Blue Stripe Round Hose.
  • Larger diameters provide a cost effective alternative to PVC and lay flat sub mains & mainlines.
  • Oval Hose offers freight savings of up to 50% due to the oval, coiled configuration.
  • Superior quality and durability. Suitable for surface or subsurface installations.
  • Manufactured from the same high-grade linear low density polyethylene resins as Blue Stripe Round Hose.
  • Conforms to A.S.A.E. standards for minimum inside diameters and wall thickness.
  • Manufactured to high quality control standards & specifications.
  • Minimum of 2% black carbon added for resistance to ultraviolet deterioration.
  • Carries the Blue Stripe of Quality Trademark.
  • Non-prorated warranty - 7 years for 42 psi rated product and 2 years for 21 psi rated product

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