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Zipper tool with wood handle by Neversink

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Zipper tool with wood handle

  • Zipper tool with wood handle
  • Zipper tool with wood handle

The Zipper is a versatile smart sowing and transplanting tool.


  1. Open a furrow for seeding
  2. Put the seeds in the row
  3. Turn the tool over the furrowTurn the tool and pass the tool on the row to close the row


It is ideal for small-area plantations, crops with larger seeds or bulbs and perfect for home gardeners. The Zipper can be used for small plants. It is especially useful for planting Paperpot cells chain or when you do not have the Paperpot Transplanter.

It can be useful when you have limited space at the end of the rows inside a greenhouse or a caterpillar tunnel.

You can also use it to cultivate rows of densely planted vegetables like carrots, as it throws soil on top of emerging weeds.

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