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Novagryl Plus - Floating Row Cover

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Item # NOPL10,5X100

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Novagryl Plus P-19 - Floating Row Cover

  • Novagryl Plus P-19 - Floating Row Cover
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Novagryl Row Covers
Product No. Dimension (meter) Dimension (feet) Weight
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NOPL10,5X10010.5m x 100m34' x 328'43.98 lb
NOPL10,5X15010.5m x 150m34' x 492'66 lb
NOPL10,5X20010.5m x 200m34' x 656'88 lb
NOPL10,5X25010.5m x 250m34' x 820'109.73 lb
NOPL10,5X30510.5m x 305m34' x 1000'134 lb
NOPL12,8X10012.8m x 100m42' x 328'53.50 lb
NOPL12,8X15312.8m x 153m42' x 502'82 lb
NOPL12,8X20012.8m x 200m42' x 656'107 lb
NOPL12,8X25012.8m x 250m42' x 820'133.76 lb
NOPL12,8X30512.8m x 305m42' x 1000'163.19 lb
NOPL13,6X10013.6m x 100m45' x 328'56.85 lb
NOPL13,6X15013.6m x 150m45' x 492'85.27 lb
NOPL13,6X20013.6m x 200m45' x 656'114 lb
NOPL13,6X25013.6m x 250m45' x 820'142.12 lb
NOPL13,6X30513.6m x 305m45' x 1 000'173.8 lb
NOPL15,2X10015.2m x 100m50' x 328'63.54 lb
NOPL15,2X15315.2m x 153m50' x 502'97.4 lb
NOPL15,2X20015.2m x 200m50' x 656'127.07 lb
NOPL15,2X25015.2m x 250m50' x 820'158.84 lb
NOPL15,2X30515.2m x 305m50' x 1000'193.78 lb
NOPL16X10016m x 100m52' x 328'66.88 lb
NOPL16X15316m x 153m52' x 502'102.33 lb
NOPL16X17016m x 170m52' x 558'113.9 lb
NOPL16X20016m x 200m52' x 656'133.76 lb
NOPL16X25016m x 250m52' x 820'167.20 lb
NOPL16X30516m x 305m52' x 1000'203.98 lb
NOPL17,4X15317.4m x 153m57' x 502'111.5 lb
NOPL17,4X25017.4m x 250m57' x 820'182.88 lb
NOPL17,4X30517.4m x 305m57' x 1 000'222.3 lb
NOPL18,5X22518,5m x 225m61' x 738' 174.3 lb
NOPL18,5X23018,5m x 230m61' x 754' 178,2 lb
NOPL18,5X25018,5m x 250m61' x 820' 193.7 lb
NOPL18,5X30518,5m x 305m61' x 1 000' 236.3 lb
NOPL20,4X10020.4m x 100m67' x 328' 85.5 lb
NOPL20,4X15020.4m x 150m67' x 492' 128.3 lb
NOPL20,4X20020.4m x 200m67' x 656' 170.9 lb
NOPL20,4X25020.4m x 250m67' x 820'213.18 lb
NOPL20,40X30520.4m x 305m67' x 1 000'260.3 lb

Novagryl Plus has the same advantageous fiber density as Novagryl floating row covers. The key innovation lies in the fact that 12 inches (30 cm) of the lateral edges are reinforced. The extra thickness on the edges makes it easier to install and remove, which allows to get better crop protection against the wind.

Advantages : 

  • High quality floating row cover
  • Lesser risk of tearing
  • Easier and quicker to install, remove, and reuse
  • Facilitated crop inspection
  • Increased durability
  • Weight with reinforced edge : (19gr/m²) (0.062oz/ft²)

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