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Agryl P-40 - Floating Row Cover

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Agryl P-40 - Floating Row Cover

Novagryl Row Covers
Product No. Dimension (meter) Dimension (feet) Weight
AGRYP402,2X1532.2 m x 153 m7' x 502’25.3 lb
AGRYP404X1004 m x 100 m13’ x 328’45 lb
AGRYP408,23X1008,23 m x 100 m27’ x 328’93 lb
AGRYP408,23X2508,23 m x 250 m27’ x 820’208 lb
AGRYP408,5X2508,5 m x 250 m28’ x 820’187.2 lb
AGRYP4010X10010 m x 100 m33’ x 328’88.1 lb
AGRYP4010X15310 m x 153 m33' x 502'134.8 lb
AGRYP4010X20010 m x 200 m33’ x 656’176.4 lb
AGRYP4010X25010 m x 250 m33' x 820'220.3 lb
AGRYP4012,20X10012,2 m x 100 m40’ x 328’ 107.6 lb
AGRYP4012,20X15312.2 m x 153 m40' x 502'162.0 lb
AGRYP4012,20X20012.2 m x 200 m40' x 656'215.2 lb
AGRYP4012,20X25012,2 m x 250 m40’ x 820’269 lb
AGRYP4015,20X15315.2 m x 153 m50’ x 502’205 lb
AGRYP4016,50X10016.5 m x 100 m54' x 328'145.4 lb
AGRYP4016,50X12516.5 m x 125 m54’ x 410’182 lb
AGRYP4016,50X15316,5 m x 153 m54’ x 502’222.7 lb
AGRYP4016,50X17016,5 m x 170 m54’ x 558’247.2 lb
AGRYP4016,50X18516.5 m x 185 m54' x 607'268.9 lb
AGRYP4016,50X20016.5 m x 200 m54' x 656'290.7 lb
AGRYP4016,50X25016.5 m x 250 m54' x 820'363.4 lb
AGRYP4018,3X10018,3 m x 100 m60’ x 328’ 162 lb
AGRYP4018,3X15318,3 m x 153 m60’ x 502’247 lb
AGRYP4018,3X16518,3 m x 165 m60’ x 541’266 lb

Novagryl P-40 is a high quality floating row cover recommended to protect strawberries against damages caused by cold weather. The thermal protection of the stems and roots provides the plants sufficient resistance to cope with the severity of winter and its harsh temperature variations.


  • High quality floating row cover
  • Efficient thermal protection against frost
  • Wind-break effect against excessive drying out of plants
  • Protection against sudden temperature variations
  • Protection against physical damage from frost and snow
  • Extremely high mechanical resistance
  • Weight without reinforced edge : (40gr/m²) (0.13oz/ft²)

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