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Novagryl P-30 - Floating Row Cover

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Agryl P-30 - Floating Row Cover

Novagryl Row Covers
Product No. Dimension (meter) Dimension (feet) Weight
AGRYP302,13X3052,13 m x 305 m7' x 820'43 lb
AGRYP302,2X1002,2 m x 100 m7.2' x 328'14.60 lb
AGRYP302,2X1532,2 m x 153 m7.2' x 502'22.3 lb
AGRYP302,2X2502,2 m x 250 m7.2' x 820' 36.4 lb
AGRYP304,4X1004,45 m x 100 m14' x 328' 29,1 lb
AGRYP306,5X1006,6 m x 100 m21' x 328'43 lb
AGRYP306,5X2506.6 m x 250 m21' x 820'107.5 lb
AGRYP308,23X1538,23 m x 153 m27' x 502'83 lb
AGRYP3010X10010 m x 100 m33' x 328' 173.25 lb
AGRYP3010X15310 m x 153 m33' x 502' 101.2 lb
AGRYP3010X25010 m x 250 m33' x 820' 166 lb
AGRYP3012X10012 m x 100 m39' x 328' 79.4 lb
AGRYP3012X16512 m x 165 m39' x 541'131 lb
AGRYP3012X18312 m x 183 m39' x 600'145.2 lb
AGRYP3012X20012 m x 200 m39' x 656' 198.73 lb
AGRYP3012X25012 m x 250 m39' x 820'198.73 lb
AGRYP3015,15X10015,20 m X 100 m50’ x 328’100.2 lb
AGRYP3015,15X16515,20 m x 165 m50' x 541'165.3 lb
AGRYP3015,15X25015,20 m x 250 m50' x 820'250.5 lb
AGRYP3015,15X20015,20 m X 200 m50’ x 656’200.4 lb
AGRYP3015,15X30515,20 m X 305 m 50’ x 1 000’306 lb
AGRYP3015,2X15315,20 m X 153 m 50’ x 502’153.8 lb

Novagryl P-30 is a high quality floating row cover recommended for a crop protection sensitive to cold weather. The thermal protection of the stems and roots provides the plants sufficient resistance to cope with the severity of winter and its harsh temperature variations.

Advantages :

  • High quality floating row cover
  • Efficient thermal protection against frost
  • Wind-break effect against excessive drying out of crops
  • Protection against sudden temperature variations
  • Protection against physical damage from frost and snow
  • Extremely high mechanical resistance
  • Weight without reinforced edge : (30gr/m²) (0.1oz/ft²)

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Customer Reviews

row cover Review by Hawkesbury
General appreciation
Put the cover on all the lavender rows and it was easy to do. The very lightweight materiel does not rip as you are handling it and pulling it over the rows of plants and after cutting the proper length with scissors, weighted the white cover down with rocks and old barn boards. So far it is all covered with snow. Will have to see how much better the plants are when spring arrives. Last year had many young plants die from the constant freeze/thaw cycle. (Posted on 18-11-28)

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