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Silage Tarps

Silage Tarps with tires

  • Silage Tarps with tires
  • Silage Tarps
  • Silage Tarps
Product No. Size Thickness Color
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TOATBN24100524' x 100'5 milWhite/Black
TOATBN40100540' x 100'5 milWhite/Black
TOATBN50100550' x 100'5 milWhite/Black
TOATBN24100624' x 100'6 milWhite/Black
TOATBN40100640' x 100'6 milWhite/Black
TOATBN50100650' x 100'6 milWhite/Black
TOATBN32100632' x 100'6 milWhite/Black
TOATN40100640' x 100'6 milBlack
TOATN50100650' x 100'6 milBlack

Multi purpose silage tarps

These tarps are U.V. treated and are offered in 2 colors: black and white/black. Many widths and thicknesses are also available.


Customer Reviews

Great for killing weeds Review by hvermont
General appreciation
We use the white-on-black silage tarps (black side up) for killing weeds before planting. It has reduced our workload significantly and we have beds ready to go as soon as we need them. The tarps are fairly rugged, but sometimes twigs and tough stalks do penetrate them. (Posted on 16-07-04)
Amazing service! Review by Elizabeth
General appreciation
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the speed of service! I was hesitant about switching to a new agricultural supplier-not anymore! Amazing service! Thanks so much! (Posted on 13-06-08)

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