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Mulching perforator Caps for MT 450C Torch Cane

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Mulching perforator Caps for MT 450C Torch Cane

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  • Mulching perforator Caps for MT 450C Torch Cane
  • Star Cap
  • Star Cap - example
  • Round Cap | 114 mm
  • Round Cap | 114 mm - example
  • Round Cap | 80 mm
  • Round Cap | 40 mm
  • Round Cap | 80 mm - example
  • Square Cap
  • Finger Cutter Cap
Product No. Description Diameter of the cutting Shape of the cutting Reversible Type of culture
PI TECE130Star Cap130 mm CrossNoTomatoes, Eggplant,
Squash and Peppers
PI TECR114Round Cap114 mmRoundYesFruit Trees and Bush Trees
PI TECR80Round Cap80 mmRoundYesFruits & Vegetables
PI TECC40Square Cap40 mmRoundNoHerbs
**Poles and stakes
PI TECR40Round Cap40 mmRoundNoHerbs
**Poles and stakes
PI TEDTStraight CapVariableVariableNoAll

The interchangeable caps are easy to install to the torch by mounting them to the Thermoperfo base and they can perforate all types of mulch films and ground covers. Once the caps are heated, you can make clean accurate cuts with no frayed edges. **In order to install these bases and caps, you need to remove the original rivet from the torch with the help of a 1/8'' borer**

Some caps are reversible. With these you can make complete or partial cuts in the mulch film. 

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