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Model #1200 Series II Water Wheel Transplanter | Rain-Flo

Item # MA RFTRPL1200
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Model #1200 Series II Water Wheel Transplanter | Rain-Flo

Rain Flo Mulch Film Equipment
Product No. Rental
MA RFTRPL1200Rent possible only in Ontario and Quebec (See Detail)

The most versatile water wheel planter for planting vegetables into plastic mulch!


  • Compact water wheel transplanter with Category I and II 3- point hitch
  • Approximate tractor size: 35 to 60 hp
  • Field ready with one planting wheel
  • Plants bare roots, pots, and plugs
  • Capability of 8” to 16” row spacing and one or two planting wheels (Standard)
  • Two 50 gallon water tanks
  • 10 tray capacity; 15 with top tray
  • Will plant 62” row spacing (minimum)
  • Quick change planting wheel setup
  • New design seat adjustment, easy on the go adjustment!
  • Galvanized expanded metal trays


  • Extra top tray
  • Quick fill (2” quick coupler connection)
  • Trailer\3-point combination


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excellent Review by IKOn Associates
General appreciation
we want to introduce this type of machinery in India . (Posted on 14-05-11)

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