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Mobile MixRite Injector Kit

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Mobile MixRite Injector Kit

The mobile MixRite fertilizer injector and feeder kit is a practical tool for applying fertilizers and chemicals via an irrigation system, in quantities released slowly and continuously, such as required for regular plant growth.

In greenhouses, the portable MixRite injector kit is attached to the supply pipe and has enough hose length to irrigate in the middle of the greenhouse.



  • Holds 5 gallon container and can carry 250 lbs. yet narrow enough to go through standard width doors
  • Pneumatic tires cushion ride over rough surfaces
  • Can be ordered with any 500 series/11 GPM MixRite (A different price may apply depending on the selected model)
  • Included strap secures chemical container
  • Includes 50 foot discharge hose 5/8’’, On/Off valve and water strainer
  • Contains an insulated ball valve
  • Standard unit has .2 to 2% MixRite with chemical on/off option

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