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Mechanical Transplanter Mulch Layer Model 90 ***We don't take orders until June 1st***

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Item # ME-90

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Mechanical Transplanter Mulch Layer Model 90

Mechanical Transplanter Equipment
Product No. Description Standard Equipment Weight
ME-90For laying up to 6' mulch filmGauge wheels dirt shields extra roll carrier
levelling bar, 3-point hitch
480 lb
ME-90-ADAttachment for laying tunnels125 lb

Mechanical Transplanter Mulch Layer Model 90 is fully adjustable. A levelling blade up front levels the ground before plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film is laid while smooth guide wheels stretch mulch film over beds without tearing. This system works excellently even at high speeds.


  • New toolbar system allows easy adjustment by moving clamps
  • Can lay down any size roll from 36’’ to 72’’
  • Gauge wheels
  • Dirt shields to keep soil off the plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film
  • Extra roll carrier
  • Leveling bar
  • 14’’ disc
  • 3 point hitch

Optional Equipment:

  • Drip tape irrigation attachment
  • Tunnel attachment

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