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Mechanical Transplanter Model 6000 - Transplanter ***We don't take orders until June 1st***

Item # ME-6000
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Mechanical Transplanter Model 6000 - Transplanter

Mechanical Transplanter Equipment
Product No. Description Weight
ME-600030% larger than model 4000375 lb

This is the largest of the carrousel Mechanical Transplanters. Each unit requires just one worker per row. Optional cushion seat and six-place tray holder are shown.

The Model 6000 unit has the same features as the Model 4000, but it is 30% larger to handle taller, leafier plants like cabbage or tobacco, and up to 2" tray cells. Planting speeds of 3000 to 5000 cells per hour have been recorded. Mechanical’s patented drive system enables the operator to change to a full range of spacings in just seconds, making the Model 6000 a proven winner in the field.

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