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Mechanical Transplanter Model 5000 - Transplanter ***We don't take orders until June 1st***

Item # ME 5000
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Mechanical Transplanter Model 5000 - Transplanter

Mechanical Transplanter Equipment
Product No. Description Weight
ME 5000Cam activated plant ejection system225 lb

The Mechanical Transplanter Model 5000 is the most advanced planter available today. A new cam-activated plant ejection system, six cup feeder, adjustable shoe and easy adjusting patented ski system to eliminate the packing wheels, make the Model 5000 the fastest and easiest-to-use transplanter on the market.


  • Movable seat and foot mount accomodate rows as narrow as 12".
  • Cam activated plant ejection eliminates timing requirements and increases speeds speed.
  • New adjustable shoe that uses one bolt to easily adjust the shoe width to fit most cell sizes.
  • Easy ski adjustment for quick change "on the-go" depth control for any cell size.
  • Smaller diameter 6 cup feeder increases speed and operator efficiency and has no gaps or spaces for plants to fall between.
  • Operator's weight is situated over the toolbar, not the planter.
  • All planters are driven with our EZ17 drive system for quick change spacing.

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