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Macro plastics 26-FV ventilated bins

Item # CUVMP26FV
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Macro plastics 26-FV ventilated bins

Macro Plastic Bins
Product No. Type External and internal dimensions Volume capacity Load capacity Load capacity Fork entry Fruits and vegtables
long feet
47-3/4" x 47-3/4"
x 28-1/2"

44-1/2" x 44-3/8"
x 24"
49 000 in³
813 liters
1300 lb
590 kg
a. 12 000
b. 13 000
c. 15 000

The 26 series is the most popular Macro Plastics line of bulk harvest and storage bins. They can hold up to 589.67 kg (1300 lb). These bins are made with a double-wall corner and center posts, and two full-length feet with a positive interlocking feature. The Macro Plastics 26-FV bins are made with the latest high-pressure injection molding technologies for increased durability. In addition, they are lightweight and easy to handle. 

Bins of the 26 series are especially used with citrus, nuts, potatoes and tomatoes. 


  • FDA certification
  • Ventilation slots
  • Nonporous surfaces
  • Easy to sanitize


Stack and load capacities (see Dimensions & Specifications Tab)

a. Long term, ambient temperature

b. Short term, ambient temperature (1 month or less)

c. Long term, cold storage (35º F (1.6º C ) and below)


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