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Lorentz PS4000 controller

Item # IE LO-35-LZ022
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PS4000 Controller

Product No. Type Voltage Voc Width Height Depth Weight
IE LO-35-LZ022MPPT192 VOC375V17.8 cm
59.5 cm
15 cm
13.22 lb
5.90 kg

Lorentz PS4000 controller for Lorentz solar-powered pumping systems.


  • Controlling of the pump system, status indication, and efficient power management
  • Mounted at surface (no submerged electronic parts)
  • Two control inputs for well probe (dry running protection), float or pressure switches, etc.
  • Protected against reverse polarity, overload and high temperature
  • Speed control, max. pump speed adjustable to reduce flow rate to approx. 30%
  • Solar operation: integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Battery operation: low voltage disconnect and restart after battery has recovered
  • Max. efficiency 92% (motor + controller)
  • Enclosure: IP54 weatherproof (NEMA type 3R)
  • MET / UL certified

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