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Knitted White Support Net

Knitted Polypropylene Trellis

  • Knitted Polypropylene Trellis
  • Knitted Polypropylene Trellis
  • Knitted Polypropylene Trellis
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Gardien the Protector™ Trellis Netting is a knitted polypropylene netting manufactured to support climbing plants and vines. 

Implement Trellis Netting in a garden or field as an apparatus to vertically support climbing plants and vines.

Trellis Netting Properties

  • White knitted polypropylene
  • 6.5” square mesh 

Conserve Space

Growing vertically with Trellis Netting allows growers to save valuable ground space. 

Reduce Ground Rot

Produce supported by Trellis Netting is in less contact with the ground therefore reducing ground rot. 

Reach Through Mesh

Trellis Netting has large mesh design allowing growers to easily inspect and harvest produce. 

Increased Exposure

Growing vertically with Trellis Netting increases plant exposure to sunlight and air resulting in healthier plants.

Use Canadian made Gardien the Protector Trellis Netting to support your climbing plants ans vines. Install this white knitted polypropylene netting to increase you yield per space. The 605” square mesh pattern allows for efficient inspection and harvesting. This soft ultraviolet protected netting is safe for even the most delicate plants. Grow with Gardien Trellis Netting and enjoy cleaner produce while reducing the amount of ground rot on valuable produce.

Benefits of Trellis Netting

  • UV Stablilized – Multiple Season Use
  • Efficient Inspection and Harvesting
  • Cleaner Produce and Reduced Ground Rot
  • Maximizes Valuable Growing Space
  • Increased Yield per quare Foot
  • Soft Netting – Safe for Delicate Plants

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