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Key Punch

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Key Punch

Product No. Description Diameter of the hole work with
IS 42315Key punch3 mm.600 X .700 (1/2") Polyethylene Pipe
Stainless Hose Clamp
1'' Oval Hose

Fast, easy and cost-effective, the Key Punch can perforate polyethylene pipes to insert any ¼" barb fitting or dripper. Hold the top of the punch between the forefinger and thumb, and the pointed end in the pipe, like a key!

Furthermore, the bottom part of the punch can also be used as a 5/16" wrench to tighten your stainless steel clamps when installing your irrigation system.

Hold the Key Punch between the forefinger and thumb, then insert the pointed end in the polyethylene tubing like a key in a lock! A slight twisting movement will speed up the hole punching process.


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