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Jain Irrigation White Micro Tubing

Item # IS 11190940
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Jain Irrigation White Micro Tubing

Jain Irrigation
Product No. Description Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Color Lenght
IS 11190940White Micro Tubing .125X.197 (5/3 mm).125''
3 mm
5 mm
305 m

The micro tubing links several types of devices such as drippers, spray stakes and weights to let water flow and thus irrigate the plantation. It fits all spray stakes, drippers and weights* available on our site.

* SlimLine EZ Close Weigt – NETAFIM IS 1107008SC-B execpted

Features and Benefits

  • Used as laterals in drip irrigation system
  • Weather resistant
  • All Jain polyethylene tubing is manufactured using Union Carbide materials that offer the exclusive Fingerprint® identification feature and contain a minimum of 2% carbon black for UV protection
  • Strict quality control procedures ensure highest uniformity and product quality
  • Flexural toughness, environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), Busrt crack growth (SCG) resistance, Impact and puncture resistance
  • Convenient coil sizes and packaging to ease handling and installation

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