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Spray and Mist Micro-Irrigation, and Components

Low volume sprayer, fogger, and hardware to carry out micro spray irrigation for vegetable crops, greenhouses, and nurseries.

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  1. Dan Micro-Sprinkler

    Dan Micro-Sprinkler Bridge

    Dan Micro-Sprinklers are used in greenhouses and residential flower beds.
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  2. Dan Butterfly Support

    Dan Butterfly Support

    The Barbed Butterfly is inserted in a polyethylene pipe or a .600 X .700 polyethylene pipe with a special punch and the Threaded Butterfly is inserted in an aluminum or a PVC pipe with a drill.
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  3. Dan Micro-Sprinklers Nozzles
  4. Dan Micro-Sprinkler Spinners
  5. Dan Micro-Sprinkler Spreaders
  6. Dan anti-mist device

    Dan anti-mist device

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  7. Dan Fogger

    Dan Fogger

    The Dan Fogger allows uniform distribution and ensures faster plant rooting while reducing water and fertilizer costs
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