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Tensiometers & Soil Probes

The Irrometer tensiometer measures the actual soil moisture tension in order to determine the effort required by root systems to extract water from the soil, and thus control irrigation. Aquaterr portable soil measurement instruments are widely used in rugged environments.

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  1. Lorentz well probe

    Lorentz well probe

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  2. FieldScout Soil Sensor Reader
  3. Soil Compaction Tester

    Soil Compaction Tester

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  4. Portable WaterScout moisture sensor

    Portable WaterScout moisture sensor 6 ft

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  5. Aquaterr Series 350 Portable Soil Probes
  6. Irrometer Fluid Concentrate
  7. Irrometer Tensiometer Starter Kit
  8. Tensiometer - IRROMETER

    Tensiometer - IRROMETER

    The IRROMETER tensiometer is the standard in accurate soil moisture measurement, offering growers an inexpensive and reliable means of measuring soil moisture for irrigation scheduling.
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