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Design & Solutions

The irrigation department at Dubois Agrinovation offers solutions tailored to your needs that meet the highest industry standards.

Whether it be for market-gardening, cranberry beds, greenhouses, nursery or orchards, our team will be pleased to help you with your projects.

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  1. Electric aerators for ponds

    Electric Aerators for ponds and small lakes

    These high performance aerators are specially designed to aerate ponds or lakes.
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  2. Cutter N Rake in utilisation

    Cutter N Rake

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  3. Fountain / Daytime

    Fountain Aeration System

    Transform your pond or small lake into a serene oasis with this fountain aeration system.
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  4. Dual Diaphragm Windmill
  5. HD Aerator Accessory Kit
  6. HD aerators Accessory Kit PLUS
  7. 1/2'' Weighted Airline

    1/2'' Weighted Airline

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  8. 1/2'' Hose Connector & Clamp Pack
  9. 1/2'' 2-Way Selector Valve

    1/2'' Selector Valves

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