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The irrigation department at Dubois Agrinovation offers solutions tailored to your needs that meet the highest industry standards.

Whether it be for market-gardening, cranberry beds, greenhouses, nursery or orchards, our team will be pleased to help you with your projects.

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  1. Tensiometer - IRROMETER

    Tensiometer - IRROMETER

    The IRROMETER tensiometer is the standard in accurate soil moisture measurement, offering growers an inexpensive and reliable means of measuring soil moisture for irrigation scheduling.
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  2. Irrometer Tensiometer Starter Kit
  3. Irrometer Fluid Concentrate
  4. Aquaterr Series 350 Portable Soil Probes
  5. Portable WaterScout moisture sensor

    Portable WaterScout moisture sensor 6 ft

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  6. Soil Compaction Tester

    Soil Compaction Tester

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  7. FieldScout Soil Sensor Reader
  8. Lorentz well probe

    Lorentz well probe

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