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Inward Valve Opening Elbow/Tee

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Inward Valve Opening Elbow

  • Inward Valve Opening Elbow
  • Inward Valve Opening Tee
Wade Rain Aluminum Fittings
Product No. Shaped Valve Diameter Lateral Diameter
IA WR-VO33-INElbow3"3"
IA WR-VO34-INElbow 3"4"
IA WR-VO43-INElbow 4"3"
IA WR-VO44-INElbow 4"4"
IA WR-VO45-INElbow 4"5"
IA WR-VO46-INElbow 4"6"
IA WR-VO64-INElbow 6"4"
IA WR-VO65-INElbow 6"5"
IA WR-VO66-INElbow 6"6"
IA WR-VO33-T-INTee3"3"
IA WR-VO66-T-INTee6"6"
The valve opening elbows and tees open and shut valves on groundwater lines or on the soil. They are installed on valve heads and, unlike outward valve heads, the valve disc is pushed downward, thus enabling water to enter the valve opening.

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