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Clear Plastic Mulch Film Hort-III

Clear Plastic Mulch Film Hort-III

Product No. Size Type Lifespan Roll Weight
PAHTCL7240-2104000' x 72"
(1219.2 m x 182.9 cm)
Horti-2101 season with light soil80.50 lb
(36.29 kg)
PAHTCL5340-2404000' x 53"
(1219.2 m x 134.6 cm)
Horti-2401 season67.84 lb
(30.39 kg)

Horti III is a high performance plastic mulch film that provides closer contact with the soil for optimum heat transfer.

Better reaction of the plastic mulch film to expansion and contraction due to temperature variations.

Superior strength that facilitates installation and removal.

Clear plastic mulch film

  • Increases soil temperature and allows rapid root growth
  • Prevents erosion from water
  • Protects fruits and vegetables from direct contact with the ground so the crop remains clean and there are less plant diseases

Clear mulch film
is recommended for sweet corn and other crops under certain conditions.

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