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Honda/Franklin gas pump kit

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Representative Photo varied depending on options

Product No. HP Average Gallons
(U.S. GPM)
Average Pressure
Fuel tank capacity
IKMPO NSG935/16510/802 1/2″2″6

The Honda/Franklin gas pump unit is designed for spraying and irrigation. There are optional accessories.

Basic unit

The self-priming pump comes with a 9 HP Honda gasoline engine with a shutdown device in case of low oil level, as well as a capacity regulator. Its support with wheels makes it easy to carry the unit. In addition, the 7.6 cm (3”) Amiad filter, included in the basic unit, is mounted on the same support as the pump, making is easy to move around. Finally, the pipes required for collecting and carrying water in the pump are part of the unit.



As an option, there is the suction-fitted fertilizer injection kit used to spray fertilizer with more ease.

Also, a flow meter may be added to this option to measure the flow of the fertilizer solution in the lines, to help adjust it. The flow meter provides easy and direct reading on a permanent scale (GPM or LPM), as well as great resistance to chemicals and UV light.

A semi-automatic cleaning device for the filter is also optional. Simply open the valve at the bottom of the filter and turn the crank at the top to remove particles caught in the filter, without stopping the pump.



The pump has a self-priming device, as well as a shutdown device in case of low oil level. 



  • Irrigation
  • Spraying
  • Construction work
  • Mining
  • Commercial use
  • Municipal use
  • Light industrial work
  • General use


This kit features the FNSGF-8 motor

Honda Monarch Gasoline Engine Irrigation Pump Performance Chart

Flow Meters

The flow meter in installed between the injector kit and the pump. It must be level and positioned vertically to ensure its accuracy. 

*A misalignment may cause leaks at the gaskets.

Injection kit

The fertilizer solution’s density will impact the injection rate (1 L = 1 kg).

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