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Hole Puncher Wheel for bare roots plants

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Item # PI RFDWS24

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Hole Punch | 26" diameter - 6" depth

  • Hole Punch | 26" diameter - 6" depth
  • Hole Punch | 24" diameter - 4" depth
Product No. Wheel Diameter Holes Spacing Holes Depth
PI RFDWS2424"12"4"
PI RFDWS2626"12"6"

The Dubois Agrinovation spiked wheels for bare-rooted plants perforate plastic or biodegradable mulch films at the desired spot. They are used with the hole puncher, that can be fitted with up to four spiked wheels. The wheel perforates the mulch film, making a diamond-shaped hole. With these wheels, you can prepare bare-rooted plant transplanting and they are used for dry hole punching.

We make 24" and 26" diameter wheels, which are the standard market sizes. Each wheel punches holes at a spacing of 12" and a depth of 4" for the 24" diameter model and 6" for the 26" diameter model.  


**Several other spiked wheel configurations for bare-rooted plants can be custom made - Contact Us

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