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HIWER - Row Cover Layer / Remover

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HIWER - Row Cover Layer / Remover

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  • HIWER - Row Cover Layer / Remover
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  • HIWER - Row Cover Layer
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  • HIWER - Row Cover Layer / Remover
  • HIWER - Row Cover Layer / Remover
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Hiwer Row Cover Machine
Product No. Model Weight Rental
MAHIWERHiwer450 lbRent possible only in Ontario and Quebec (See Detail)

The HIWER SYSTEM machine handles row covers efficiently and facilitates installation, removal, transportation to and from the fields, and storage.

The special reel for Hiwer is included with the purchase of the machine. It is used to roll damaged canvases easily and quickly for their disposal. Unlike regular reels, it can be taken down, so you may reuse the same reel several times. All you need to do is roll the cover on a plastic tube to remove it with ease.

Product Information
HIWER is designed to remove floating row covers and polyethylene film from fields. HIWER is also designed to solve material transport, storage and deployment problems. Non reusable row cover material can also be handled in a proper way. HIWER can rewind up all kind of plastic material from 20 meter-wide sheets down to small strips even when it is windy and rainy. HIWER collects the row cover in front of the tractor and rewinds it up as the same time as the tractor moves forward. The material goes through friction tubes in order to get it tighten it on the reel. HIWER requires two double powered hydraulic outlets on the tractor used.

A one-man system without heavy manual lifting. The material will not be twisted. There is less dirt, less damage, and the material will have a longer life due to more careful handling.

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