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Heavy Spiked Chain Harrow Kit

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Spikes chain harrow kit

  • Spikes chaine harrow kit
  • Spiked chain harrow with a two-wheel hoe
Product No. Width Height Weight
OUTKHERSELOURDEMin. 150 mm, max. 350 mm
Min. 5.9", max 13.8"
347 mm
1.3 kg

The spiked chain harrow is used for weeding by pulling out or burying weeds with its prongs that scratch the soil. The harrow brings the previously cut weeds up to the surface.

The heavy spiked chain harrow kit includes the harrow support and the seven springs that connect to the support and are inserted into the single-wheel hoe and a two-wheeled hoe. It can also be inserted in the Terrateck second tool support. 


The heavy spiked chain harrow prongs are more rigid and more aggressive than those of the fine spiked chain harrow. This way, you can carry out effective weeding between rows.


We recommend you use this tool on heavy, pebbly soils. However, we advise against using the heavy spiked chain harrow on delicate crops like carrots. 

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