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Heavy Duty Studded T-Post

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Item # FPOTT8

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Studded Metal T-Post without hole

  • Studded Metal T-Post without hole
  • Studded Metal T-Post without hole
  • T-Post in vineyard
Product No. Description Length Gauge
(lb / ft)
Weight Price
FPOTT8without holes8' / 2,4m1,3310,64 lb / 4,8 kg9,55 $ CAD
7,21 $ USD
FPOTT10without holes10' / 3m1,3313,3 lb / 6 kg11,95 $ CAD
9,02 $ USD

Lower prices and higher quality to supermarkets

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 Strength   1.33 lbs per linear foot   0.95 lbs per linear foot

 11 $ CAD / unit 8'

 14,73 $ CAD / unit 7' *

* Price Home Depot

The non-galvanized metal T-post without holes is the best known and most economical metal post for vineyards and orchards trellising, as well as for installing snow fences, deer fences, and windbreaks. From 6' (1.8 m) to 10' (3 m) in length, the metal T-post is easy to install and designed to support steel and polyamide wires with metal post clips. It is also a great stake for young trees and has a very long useful life. 

You can get a galvanized steel or painted version by contacting us. 

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