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Brown Layflat - Heavy Duty / Feet

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Brown Layflat - Heavy Duty

Product No. Diameter Coil Length Coil Weight PSI Pressure
BO P288HH-0512"300'90.2 lb120 psi
BO P288HH-0763"300'149.6 lb120 psi
BO P288HH-1024"300'220.0 lb100 psi
BO P288HH-1526"150'176.0 lb60 psi
Tube :  Brown Plasticized PVC
Reinforcement :  High Tensile Textile Cords
Cover :  Red Plasticized PVC - Abrasion and Ozone resistant
Application :  Lay Flat Water Discharge designed for long lasting service in Heavy Duty applications.
Temperature range :  -10°C to +60°C (+14°F to +140°F)

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