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Heavy Duty Broadfork with Four Prongs

Item # OUTBP-FOUR-19-4
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Heavy Duty Broadfork with four teeth

  • Heavy Duty Broadfork with four teeth
  • Heavy Duty Broadfork with four teeth in use
  • Heavy Duty Broadfork with four teeth
Product No. Tool length Int. width Teeth length Number of teeth Weight
OUTBP-FOUR-19-446.5 ''
118.11 cm
19 ''
48.25 cm
12 ''
30.48 cm
415 lb
6.8 kg

This broadfork model is use by Jean-Martin Fortier, author of Le jardinier-maraîcher. It consists of four prongs made of high strength alloy steel and steel handles. This model provides resistant, curved prongs for easy soil aeration.

This ergonomic tool helps loosen the soil without turning it, unlike traditional spades. The broadfork is easy to use because of its design based on a lever. You drive the tool vertically into the ground, bring the handles towards you and step back one step while moving the handles from right to left to undo the lumps. This broadfork will quickly and efficiently provide a well worked soil without the exhaustion typical of traditional spading. Because it is robust, it can even be used in rocky or harder soils.

*Note: The soil should be prepared prior to use the tool and in no case the tool should be used for plowing

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