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HDPE Water Pipes

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Item # IH DR1702500-Config

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HDPE Water Pipes

Product No. Dimension Ratio Diameter Length Max. Pressure
IH DR1702500DR172’’500’125 psi
IH DR1703040DR173''40'125 psi
IH DR1703050DR173''50'125 psi
IH DR1703500DR173''500'125 psi
IH DR1704040DR174''40'125 psi
IH DR1704050DR174''50'125 psi
IH DR1706050DR176''50'125 psi
IH DR1708050DR178''50'125 psi
IH DR1710050DR1710’’50'125 psi
IH DR1712050DR1712''50’125 psi
IH DR1714050DR1714’’50’125 psi
IH DR1718050DR1718’’ 50’125 psi
IH DR2104040DR214’’ 40’100 psi
IH DR2104050DR214’’ 50'100 psi
IH DR2106050DR216’’ 50’100 psi
IH DR2108050DR218’’50’100 psi
IH DR2110050DR2110’’50’100 psi
IH DR2112050DR2112’’ 50’100 psi
IH DR2114050DR2114’’50’100 psi

HDPE water pipes are perfect for underground water circulation. Unlike PVC pipes, HDPE pipes are expansible, which brings many benefits:

  • Resistance to more powerful water hammers; 
  • No frost damage (the expansible wall expands and contracts with no breakage). 



  • Temperature: -50°C to 105°C 
  • Good flexibility 
  • No loss of water since pipe fusion is a durable process that does not degrade over time
  • Does not deteriorate when in contact with corrosive chemicals (pH from 1 to 14), stony ground or ultraviolet rays
  • Resist long-term internal pressure and external loads



  • The irrigation pipe adapts to your surroundings (slopes, obstacles, roads, etc.)
  • Ideal technology for long runs
  • Lower installation cost because it requires narrower ditches (reduced excavation) and fewer fittings
  • Low resistance to liquid flow reduces pumping and operating costs
  • Threading is available for saddle installation


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