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Broadfork with five galvanized curved prongs

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Broadfork with five galvanized curved prongs

  • Broadfork with five galvanized curved prongs
  • Broadfork with five galvanized curved prongs
  • Broadfork in use
Product No. Tool length Int. width Teeth length Number of teeth Weight
122 cm
61 cm
24,13 cm
512.3 lb
5,6 kg

This broadfork model was made by Jean-Martin Fortier, author of Le jardinier-maraîcher. It consists of five corrosion-resistant galvanized prongs. This model provides resistant, curved prongs for easy soil aeration.

This ergonomic tool helps loosen the soil without turning it, unlike traditional spades. The broadfork is easy to use because of its design based on a lever. You drive the tool vertically into the ground, bring the handles towards you and step back one step while moving the handles from right to left to undo the lump. This broadfork will quickly and efficiently provide a well worked soil without the exhaustion typical of traditional spading.

The tool will be delivered to you fully assembled.

*Note: The soil should be prepared prior to use the tool and in no case the tool should be used for plowing

Customer Reviews

Wonderful Tool - well designed Review by Gardening Architect
General appreciation
Worked better than advertised. Very well constructed tool. It was faster and less effort than my Troybilt rototiller.

Not sure where there product was made but it was nice to order it from a Canadian company. Delivery was very quick. I will be ordering other tools and supplies from Dubois again! (Posted on 18-06-28)
Excellent product Review by Kathy
General appreciation
Easy to use broadfork even for an elderly woman with back issues. Couldn't believe how dense the pan layer was in my clay soil and it is too heavy for me to use a fork. Came right to my gate already assembled. Fast service. (Posted on 18-04-05)
Excellent Review by Ravens room
General appreciation
This broadfork is exactly what I expected, not difficult to use, & of a comfortable weight. Service was fast & efficient also. (Posted on 17-11-09)
Good stuff Review by LF
General appreciation
Works great. (Posted on 17-07-08)
I love the broadfork concept and this broadfork in particular. Review by Lynda
General appreciation
I have two broadforks. One is all metal and on the heavy side. This one is quite light in comparison and easier to use. It does a very good job of loosening the soil because the tines are narrower. It's perfect for my wooden raised planters as well as my raised in ground beds. I love this product. (Posted on 17-06-28)
Good product for loosening soil Review by Carol
General appreciation
Well made and not too heavy for females to use as long as soil has moisture in it. With my dry summer I irrigate first, wait a day, then the broadfork slides easily into the soil to the full depth. (Posted on 17-06-12)
Trop fragile pour mes besoins Review by gab
General appreciation
Cette grelinette n'est pas très robuste. (Posted on 17-06-05)
Such a useful and timesaving tool! Review by Katie
General appreciation
This fork is well made and has made prepping my beds more time effective. So far it has worked well. (Posted on 17-05-06)
Great tool! Review by Daisy
General appreciation
I found this tool easy to put together & easy to use. (Posted on 17-04-08)
amazing tool Review by yoni
General appreciation
I've just received the broadfork a couple of weeks ago. first time working with this sort of tool, which is not available at all in Israel, too my knowledge.Great and enjoyable experience. the handles are very comfortable (far better than my usual pitchfork). works smoothly through beds I prepared last year. Looking forward to using intensively in the future.
Service at Dubois was great. Thanks! (Posted on 17-04-06)
Great product and service. Review by JoeP
General appreciation
This is my first time ordering here and my first time using a broadfork. Both are great! Excellent and easy experience ordering online. Quick delivery.
The broadfork took a little time to get together (hammering the handles into the metal end), but it is a solid and very good product.
Works great in the garden too! (Posted on 17-03-24)
Excellent product and service Review by giantveggiegardener
General appreciation
The broadfork I got from Dubois is of excellent quality. I especially like that it is a little lighter in weight than the US models which is great for women but it is very strong and well built.I would recommend this product to anyone. (Posted on 17-02-09)

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